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Big Thinker Book Club Record Keeper

Big Thinker Book Club Record Keeper

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Welcome to the Big Thinker Book Club Reading Challenge 2021!

It's easy to become an official member of the club...

  1. Simply download this form
  2. Record each book you read
  3. Share your accomplishment with us on Facebook @ThinkBigLittlePeople - VIP and earn a reward for Thinking Big!

Please read these Official Rules:

Everybody is welcome (and encouraged!) to join the Big Thinker Book Club. There is no purchase necessary. You must create an account at www.ThinkBigLittlePeople and download the Official Big Thinker Book Club Record Keeper. You may print it out or we recommend keeping the digital image on your phone or computer and using a photo editing app to keep track of your reading (Big Thinking means saving a tree!)

Readers of all skill levels and abilities are encouraged to participate. Pre-readers may participate by having books read to them.

We encourage Big Thinker Book Club members to read at (or above) their current skill level. You will need to read 30 Picture Books or 6 Chapter Books to complete the challenge and earn your prize.

Once you have completed your reading challenge (and along the way!) share your accomplishment (Way to go!! We knew you could do it!) in our Facebook - VIP group and use the hashtag #BigThinkerBookClub in your post or you can email us directly at and attach your official Big Thinker Book Club Record Keeper.

We'll send you a link to collect your reward!


Please remember that we are a small business and ask you claim only ONE (1) reward per individual who completes the challenge.

We reserve the right to discontinue or cancel this book club at anytime and without notice.

There is no monetary value associated with the reward and therefore it cannot be traded or refunded.