Sizing Help

We know you're busy and we want you to be able to spend the time you do have making memories, having fun and learning with your Little Explorers and Big Thinkers.

We've tried to simplify our sizing chart down to the most important measurements. And the easiest measurements to get to ensure a great fit. If you know your child's HEIGHT, WAIST and CHEST measurement you'll be able to follow our recommended size chart for each product.

And because our clothing is made to move around in, it's soft and flexible so we encourage you to get a little extra wear out of our clothes by rolling up sleeves or folding over waistbands. Our sizing is generous so there's no need to size up if your child is right on the number.

Remember, if you know your Little Person has super long arms or pretty short legs, we're happy to take a sleeve measurement or inseam measurement for a particular item or two to make sure you'll have a great fit. We'd love to help and since each item is handmade, one-of-a-kind and just waiting to be sent home to you, we can tell you exactly what you're going to get!