Fundraising Is Simple With Think Big Little People

We understand what you need.

With over a decade of experience supporting non-profits, private daycares and public schools in raising the funds they need, we have brought our experience working in-person to our online space.

We understand the unique needs, time constraints and approval required to create an effective and worthwhile fundraising event and we also understand that fundraising efforts are often largely run by volunteers with limited resources.

It’s our goal to make this fundraising experience as easy as possible from the minute we choose a date to the time you receive your funds.

Here are the 3 steps we’ll take with you:

  • We’ll work together to choose a date for your online event. We recommend 2-3 days to give your community plenty of time to support you.
  • You will receive from us an email template, printable flyer and social media assets to share with your community which will communicate to them your personalized link and how to make their purchase . We encourage you to follow along on your private dashboard so that you can see exactly how effective your fundraising effort is.
  • You will receive funds directly to your PayPal account 2 weeks later!

 It really is that simple. 

 Get in touch and we’ll get started! 

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