‎Our Story

Raised by parents who assured her she could do anything, founder Royce Timoshevick, has always believed it. In fact, she thought it was such a wonderful way to go through life she set out to prove it.

Many adventures and a trip around the world later she figured she was having so much fun proving it she ought to have a few kids of her own so she could pass the message along to them too.

One day while the kids were busy learning, growing and making unbelievable messes of her art supplies she painted a rather large image of the earth on a rather small scrap of paper and when her youngest remarked that it was, in fact, a reasonable replication of the planet and noted that it was "vewy big" she asked him the first question that came to mind, "What's the biggest thing you can think of?" His reply was as perfect and wise as you can expect from a 5 year old. He said, "Love".

From there it was just a hop, skip and a jump to to a tee shop called Think Big Little People.