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‎Our Story

When you follow your heart, it’s possible to see Big Ideas grow from dreams to realities.

After all, that’s how Think Big Little People got its start!

Founder Royce Timoshevick is mom to three wonderfully unique individuals. She started Think Big Little People when Little decided he just couldn’t wait to see everybody and showed up eight weeks early barely able to wail. While he spent his first eight weeks charming the nurses, Royce spent her time trying to stay calm. Luckily she’d recognized early in life that creativity was a balm for her often wayward imagination, so she dove right into creating some organic OOAK pieces for Little. Months later as life returned to “normal” +1, Royce had a Big Idea: what if making clothes was her thing? And so a new “normal" was born; one where Royce channeled her creativity along with the daily inspiration, enthusiasm, imagination, spunk, silliness, wisdom, caring and Big Thinking from her three kids into the clothes she created. 

While Think Big Little People is all about creating sustainable clothes, it’s also so much more. It’s a belief that anybody can do anything they put their mind to. It’s a belief that ethical, responsibly-made, thoughtfully-designed clothing can make a difference in the world. It’s a belief that Thinking Big comes naturally and when nurtured and tended to and believed in, it can grow and blossom and become a force for good in this world.

This isn’t just clothing. This is a movement.

And this movement is growing! What began as a labor of love creating OOAK clothing, has expanded into a new small-batch line. This offers the ability for Think Big Little People to reach even more Big Thinkers, empowering them with the belief that no matter how small, they too can change the world. This message is manifested in each piece of clothing, and made visible in the vibrant colors - each of which is named for ways that Big Thinkers can affect social change: Follow Your Heart (Red), Daydream Believer (Orange), Big Idea (Yellow), Recycle (Green), Save Our Oceans (Blue), and Kindness Is My Jam (Purple).

Want to join our movement? All Big Thinkers are welcome! Together, let’s change the world. 

Royce Timoshevick - Big Thinker